Learn Japanese Fast With These 3 Hot Tips!

Japanese, having a one of a kind alphabet and complex sentence structures, can be quite a challenge for Westerners to learn. Like most learning projects, though, you can make the job much easier and a lot more efficient by doing a bit of preparing before you dive in. In this post I’m going to reveal to you 3 important things you should do to make your Japanese language learning experience an enjoyable, efficient and worthwhile one.

Discover Your Learning Strengths

Modern day analysis based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences demonstrates that there are actually 7 specific varieties of learning styles: visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical. Before you jump into Japanese do yourself a giant favor and see what type of learner you happen to be. To determine whether you’re a linguistic or a logical-mathematical learner, all you have to do is take one of the many free tests online. To do this, just head over to Google or Yahoo and type in “Theory of Multiple Intelligences free test,” and you should locate one.

Evaluate a handful of them and use the one which contains the most questions; you’ll receive the most precise results that way. When doing this, keep in mind that you won’t simply be just one style of learner. You will possess a great deal more strength in some areas, though. Find your strengths and then make a Japanese language learning approach that’s best in your case.

Start With the Katakana Alphabet

You may not be aware of this, but the Japanese writing system includes more than one alphabet. One of these is named Katakana. It is the most simple alphabet, and it is used to transcribe foreign words, to represent the names of plants, animals, and minerals, and to type out industry and scientific terms.

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It is also regularly used to write the names of foods, making it very useful for you to learn. Furthermore, it’s actually a phonetic alphabet, so it’s quite simple to sit and learn. If you study hard, it is easy to master the sounds of the forty-eight characters in the system in an afternoon or possibly two. So, before going out and trying to take on Kanji, the considerably more challenging system of characters that comprise the main written form of the Japanese language, get comfortable with Katakana. This will ease you towards success, one step at a time.

Study With a Native Japanese Speaker Right From the Beginning

When getting to know a new language that makes use of precisely the same alphabet as the one your used to, for instance, if you are a native English speaker learning Spanish, you’re able to learn a great deal simply by modifying your own pronunciation. When discovering Japanese, though, you will find yourself producing sounds which are totally and completely different compared to anything you are used to. For this reason, it is imperative that you start using a native Japanese speaker from the start.

Thankfully, accomplishing this is as uncomplicated as ever. You have a variety of opportunities. The first is to see a local Japanese speaker and work with him or her face to face. This can be a terrific choice, but it is also by far the most pricey. Our next alternative is to try using language learning software or online instruction. These kinds of applications, in the beginning, weren’t good at all. Today, however, you’ll find high-quality, fully interactive language learning software systems taped by native speakers for under one hundred bucks. This is a good deal less expensive compared to using the services of a private Japanese teacher, and you can do lessons repeatedly until you’re satisfied that you have perfected them.

Last but not least, if you prefer a totally free option, you can do a language exchange via the internet. You simply go to a language learning community forum and locate a native Japanese speaker who’s willing to teach you Japanese the Japanese language in return for you teaching her or him your first language, whatever it is.

It doesn’t necessarily make a difference which solution you decided on. Just be certain that you are working together with a native Japanese speaker from the start; it really is substantially tougher to fix bad Japanese pronunciation than it is to simply learn it correctly from the get go.


Discovering the Japanese language is usually difficult for Westerners, but, with a spot of preparation, you can have a great learning experience. To achieve success, find out what type of learner you are, study the Katakana alphabet, and study with a native Japanese person from the get go.

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