How to Learn Korean in 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to learn how to master the Korean language? I think you do! This language is becoming very popular due to the rising number of Korean pop stars, TV dramas, and actors. This language can be hard to learn, though, if you approach the task wrong. Follow the plan I have laid out for you below, on the other hand, and you’ll master this interesting language easily.

How to Learn Korean Step 1: Master Korean Characters

When I lived in Korea, I met lots of people who had tried to speak Korean without taking the time to learn to pronounce Korean characters. It seems like a quick shortcut to speaking the language. Forgetting about Korean characters, though, causes problems later on. The reason is because the Romanized versions of Korean language sounds just don’t translate well. For example, here is how you pronounce, “Korea has four distinct seasons.” Hangugeun ne gyejeori tturyeothada. Try to pronounce that correctly! You’re not going to like the results. What will happen is that you’ll learn Korean with terrible pronunciation. And fixing poor pronunciation is much more difficult than learning it correctly in the first place. Do the right thing, then, and just learn Korean characters in the beginning.

How to Learn Korean Step 2: Learn Korean Sentence Structure

Yes, it’s necessary to study Korean grammar. I see you cringing, and I feel your pain, but hear me out. First, I’m not telling you to get deep into Korean grammar. What I am suggesting is that you spend a bit of time going over the basic structure of the language. Why? Because Korean grammar is very differnt than what you’re used to–it’s backwards. For example, in English we use the structure Subject + Verb + Object. So, we would say, “I threw the ball.”

Korean sentence structure is different. It’s Subject + Object + Verb. As you can see, in Korean, the sentence would be “I ball threw.” You can see, as well, that this sentence has not article. The Korean language does not make use of articles. Check out those two basic sentence structure differences. Now try to say another simple phrase such as, “He went home.” Isn’t it an easier thing to do knowing just a couple simple grammar rules? I think it’s much easier, and I’m sure that you do to.

How to Learn Korean Step 3: Speak Out!

Really, it’s best if speak a little right from the start, but I want to highlight a certain point Of course, my point is that you must learn proper pronunciation and correct grammar from day one. If you ignore this advice, you’ll just prolong the amount of time it takes to become fluent in the Korean language.Now you know the secret to learning Korean, so have at it, and enjoy mastering this fun and interesting language.

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