Advertisements that don’t suck

That’s FUNNY!!!!

Flare up like flame

All too often, advertisements use negative reinforcement to make us feel crappy about ourselves (we are the “wrong” shape, the “wrong” height, have “wrong” facial features or the “wrong” lifestyle).  Many advertisers like to attack people for how they are, and not what they do or don’t do. Occasionally, an ad has us focus on something we can improve about the way we live our lives (not just how we are as consumers or objects). Berlitz ads are great examples. This one about the German coastguard is especially famous 

In this video, Berlitz wants to show how important knowledge of English is in an international workplace. The ad is especially funny, because it plays on the German s/th pronunciation.  

My favorite series of Berlitz commercials is the “changes” series. Here is one of them:

Viewers expect the ad to be about gender reassignment surgery or coming out as a…

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