TIP: Using QR with Tablets in Education

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QR code - text instructionCreate your own Quick Response codes and use a QR code reader in your language classroom. Your students can scan the QR code using a QR code reader app and can quickly connect to digital content such as YouTube language videos, text instructions, or language learning websites, using their tablets. QR codes can be used to help organize the iPad/Android learning activities in your classroom.

You can use your iPads or other tablets for teaching languages with the use of QR codes. You can create your own QR codes and print them out, or use a projector to display codes in class. Then students simply scan the QR code with their devices and play the game, watch the video tutorial, watch the language video, or display the particular language learning website.

It is easy:

  1. Create your own QR code online at www.qrstuff.com or goqr.me or qrcode.kaywa.com.
  2. Choose the data type you want to display on students…

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