Use of Imperative

Learners! Today I am going to show you how to use Imperative(आदेशसूचक) .

The Imperative denotes command, order, request, prohibition, entreaty etc. In this article we will learn about the usage of ‘You’ in Hindi language. i.e. thou, you, you-respect (तू, तुम, आप).

तू (Tu) is used in addressing God, servants, or children and in affection for mother, sister, younger brother etc. or for expressing strong feelings like contempt or anger.

तुम (Tum) is used in addressing family members, equals, servants and juniors.

आप (Aap) is the polite and respectful form of address for all, both in singular and in plural. It is used an addressing strangers and super minors. As there is only one you in English for singular-plural-respect, ‘Aap’ is translated as ‘you please’.

When तुम (Tum ) is subject, ओ (O) (letter or sound) is appended to the verb e.g. You (please) come- तुम आओ, You read-…

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