Project Management Resources

I started my web search by looking for sites that discussed software packages designed for project management. I wanted to do this because over the past few weeks, while working on other assignments, I have been exposed to bits and pieces of what tools are out there, but I haven’t really looked into any of them. For this assignment, I wanted to become more educated in regards to the tools of the project management trade. One site I found was

This site focuses on providing reviews for commercial software products, some related to project management and some related to other business needs. Online reviews for commercial products have to be taken with a grain of salt, as they are usually designed to sell products. That being said, I liked this site just for sheer depth of programs it listed. In addition, it has a great article named Best free and open source project management software of 2017. Here is the link.

On that page, you see that there are free and open source software packages for making schedules, gantt charts, work breakdown structures, etc. While working professionally, I have found that paying for high-quality commercial software products usually saves a lot of time and headaches when compared to using free programs. As students just looking around, however, I think that these free programs can be of great use to us, as we are just exploring the tools of the trade.

Another great website I found is called The Association for Project Management This is a huge site with just about everything you could think of in terms of project management tools and information. If you visit and click on the resources tab, you find libraries of books, research reports, and a great project management journal.

In addition to that, they provide a Jobs and Careers page, which is full of professional people and organizations looking to make connections. Another part of the site is the Qualifications and Training page. Here you can get qualifications in several project management related fields. Overall, a very professional and helpful site that has a lot to offer!


One thought on “Project Management Resources

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing those very useful links. I totally agree with you about accessing free tools as students is the way to go. However, in a professional setting it is better to pay for the full software. Although I would still start with the free version to try it first.
    I should try to build my Gantt chart using some of this free tools because I was doing it manually on Excel and it can easily take a couple of hours just to set the axis properly.

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